Death to all Spambots

Is there no communication channel money-grubbing sh*tkickers won’t pollute? For a while Twitter was refreshingly free of spammers, but of course that couldn’t last for long, despite Twitter’s best efforts to counter spam. I first noticed a spambot driven follow back in February, when I mentioned going to Exeter in a tweet and was immediately followed by an Exeter based estate agency.

Since then the spam has become more intrusive – the bots are now sending tweets to me when they latch onto a tweet. I’ve also encountered ‘joke’ spambots that will replace a word in a tweet and then retweet it, e.g. sausagebot. I fear that if we’re not careful the spam situation could be as bad as with email, with Twitter clients having to filter spam as best they can, or Twitter users having to lock down their accounts.

I wish I could enter the Twittersphere, Matrix style, and with a virtual flame thrower carbonise the spambots. Pending technology becoming that advanced, please be good citizens: block and report spammers for the good of us all.

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