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Public Libraries Should Get More, not Less, Funding

The government should invest, in public libraries, some of the money saved by withdrawing the EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance, which supports disadvantaged kids in FE). Why? Because of the role public libraries in the education of those not able to pursue formal education beyond the legal minimum, and indeed as a valuable supplement to the education of children even when they are still at school. For example, see the testimonials on the Voices for the Library site.

Does this role not meet with the traditional Tory idea of enabling people to fend for themselves rather than depend on the state? Then again this not a traditional Tory government, but a cabal of plutocrats hell bent on dismantling the state regardless of the social cost.

So, the barbarians are at the gate, but what can we do? Organise, and fight back. If you are a twitter users I suggest you follow @UKpling, and there’s lots of info on the Voices for the Library web site, including a listing of campaigns you might wish to support. Facebook users might wish to take a look at http://www.facebook.com/voicesforthelibrary. Remember, evil is what happens when good men stand idly by!